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Salute to Gabe Serna

This Military Monday, we salute Gabe Serna and for his service in the US Air Force. Casey nominated Gabe. Here’s why: I want to salute Gabe because he is one of the bravest people I know. He has been

Sgt. Sean Hinnenkamp

This Military Monday, we salute Sgt. Sean Hinnenkamp and his 16 years of service in the US Air Force as a parachute rigger. Your wife, Katrina is proud of you and so are we. Katrina had this

Featured Military Member

Today’s featured Military Member is Rachele. Rachele’s cousin nominated her. Rachele’s cousin says “it takes courage to join the Military”. She is very proud of her cousin and believes that she–and every member of the US Military–deserve

Kaotic Cover-up Finalists

Vote for the tattoo you think deserves the Kaotic Cover. Select the photo below by clicking on the bubble below the photo you wish to choose. You may vote every day of the contest but NO MORE